Latest Personal Project

I am very pleased to share my latest piece I have been working on my spare time which happens to be a trophy style mount of one of the dragons from Game of Thrones which I am now wrapping up and prepping for 3d Printing! Very excited to see the final results of this print. It will be my most ambitious yet.

Mixed Material 3d Printing Fun

Ever since I first started looking into purchasing a 3d printer one of the things that always fascinated me was the ability to print with different materials so I was exstatic when one of my family members gifted me a spool of Copperfill by ColorFabb.


This interesting filament has a large portion of copper particles within the plastic (80 percent I believe but dont quote me on that.) Obviously we arent talking about literally forging metals with 3d printers at this point but you are at least able to mimic the same qualities of metal primarily for artistic purposes.

With all of that said, it should be understandable that this filament also doesnt come cheap! So I have been very cautous over what I should test this stuff of first. After some mulling over I decided I really wanted to print an authentic Egyptian style scarab but none of the sites offering free content really had what I was looking for until I came across a series scan of one from the British Museum. The problem though was that it was pretty beaten up and had parts missing so I fixed it all in Zbrush by cleaning up one section, mirroring it then projecting the other side. Mirroring wasnt really an option because of the fact it was a real sculpture there was not true symmetry, besides symmetry is boring! 

This is the link to the original source content I used:

This is a modified version of the one I printed that has exaggerated features that wont be lost to printing/sanding.

This is a modified version of the one I printed that has exaggerated features that wont be lost to printing/sanding.

This is what it looked like fresh off the printer, pretty uninteresting and looks more like clay than copper...

I really wanted to see what extent this filament could go so I did some sanding and then threw it in a vinegar and salt solution overnight, this was the result. Now we are getting somewhere!


Putting the final touch I bought some steel wool and Brasso to polish it with. Overall I am pretty satisfied withe the results, I think it looks pretty neat. Next I might try to add some antiquing to add move contrast to the details, perhaps I will save that for my next print!


If you possess a 3d printer yourself here is the restored model that I used which you can try out for yourself:



Remodeled Website!

As you may already be able to tell I have remodeled my website. It is still a work in progress but most pages should be up and running. I think I made some neat improvements that I hope you will enjoy.

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Opened up a Store!

Due to high demand I have decided to open a store which I can start selling personalized 3d printed models! Feel free to swing my the store section of my website for more information. Obviously I am still getting started so things are a bit messy but if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

Updated Prey Content

Prey went through many changes throughout its development which led to things taking many different forms. Some of them being the shotgun and the psychoscope which I made the initial versions of. Today I managed to get some time to make some screenshots of the props that could have been in Prey. They can also be found on the props section of Prey here:

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age announced!

The game I have been helping within Crytek has finally been announced! The trailer came out pretty well, those who are excited about it will soon get to see it in action at this years E3 next week. For this project I have created quite a bit of the vegetation you will see in addition to much of the wildlife you will also see.

You can also sign up for the beta and find out more on the official website here:

Also, be sure to check out the video here:

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One More Cool Thing out of PAX

One of my favorite Cryengine licensees, Turtle Rock had a massive Goliath statue (one of the playable aliens in their game Evolve) at PAX which apparently even had some slimy saliva dripping out of its mouth. That's some pretty epic advertising. What I'm wondering is what they will do with that statue when the trade show is over...

Its shaping up to be a pretty cool multiplayer game with mechanics I haven't seen before. In case you haven't seen it yet here is their latest trailer. I helped Digital Domain on-site a bit when they were making this trailer which was a pretty cool experience visiting their studio and working with the team. They had plenty of cool movie props, some of which I don't think I can mention with an NDA? Well I will play it safe.. this time! No just kidding! They also did have a massive motion capture studio that was completely sound proof so imagine being in a gymnasium which has absolutely no echo... Strange right? Anyway, they used in-game assets, also working in-engine to make it and I think overall it turned out pretty awesome especially since they played a Danzig cover with it:

Star Citizen Announcement

One of the Cryengine licensees I work with closely just made a live stream from PAX on their upcoming dog fighting module showing off some gameplay footage finally! Technical issues aside, its looking pretty good. Also, Chris Roberts was a champ at handling the rude crowd as well...

Anyway it was a pretty interesting video to watch:

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New Site!

I have been planning on revamping my website for a while now so last week I finally decided to dive in, put forth the effort and also upload new content I have been sitting on. Here is the result! I am pretty happy with my new site so hopefully all my new visitors will enjoy it as well. 

Unfortunately I had to change my domain name for silly reasons, in the end its not a big deal, I also changed my domain provider and the service for the website (Squarespace) and am loving it. Its and awesome service I would recommend to anyone who wants to maintain a website with minimal effort to get something nice.