Darksiders III is a hack and slash action-adventure video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by THQ Nordic. It is a sequel to Darksiders II and the third entry in the Darksiders series. The game was released on November 27, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

My role during production was primarily environment art focused with a heavy emphasis on individual props which will be evident as you scroll through my portfolio.




Fury's Crater

I built the first section the player experiences in Haven. specifically impact crater which I created. The surrounding area also needed to be built out to match so I built it with existing architectural pieces with the exception of a few material variants that I created from props. Elliot Johnston created the VFX, Richard Vorodi was the Level Designer and Colin Post did a final polish pass.



There are three material variants for the gameplay area focused skyscrapers. The buildings themselves were built out of building blocks sharing similar UV space so they could be interchangeable with the material variants then some various accents were added to further sell uniqueness between each building. I then built out the area based on what the designer had established. Elliot Johnston created the VFX, Richard Vorodi was the Level Designer and Colin Post did a final polish pass.


Reflecting Pool

This was a fairly straight forward prop, the main difference is that it required two variants which were a unfinished and a finished version.

Unfinished version

Finished version


Designed Areas

The following screenshots are from sections that I built out from blocked out sections which designers had made. I didn’t create any of the props used in these screenshots. Jason Chappel was the VFX artist James Beech was the designer and Colin post performed a final polish pass.


tyrannosaurus rex Fossil

The initial blockout demanded a large skeleton that the player could walk on so in order to save time we initially purchased an asset which was purchased online but it was severely inadequate so I invested time in creating a new one from scratch. The main issue with this prop was its sheer size compounded by the players ability to walk around as well as on top of it so it had to hold up in detail from just about every angle. I solved this by using two texture sets with a tiling detail map as well as having multiple bones sharing UVs.

Fossil as seen from ground level.

Skull as seen from player view when climbed on.



The Hangman Tree

This was a massive tree that required a unique sculpt due to its odd shape so it posed an interesting challenge when it came to maintaining detail. To do this I used a tiling tree trunk texture set with the UV’s created vertically and seamless as much as possible so the wood grain was consistent. Then to maintain larger details I baked a macro texture set for unique normals and ambient occlusion. Then of course a set of tree branch alpha cards.


Cargo Ship

Once again this was another very large asset but this time compounded by the fact that the player enters the ship so tiling textures were a must in this case. I also used a tiling rust texture that was vertex painted on in certain parts as well as a alpha to blend rusted edges as well. The same texture set was also used to make other beached ships within the level.


Lust's Throne

This throne room is inside of the previous cargo ship so the surrounding area is using much of the same textures. I modeled most of the content pictured with the exception of the chains and shipping containers. John Carter created the VFX, Rich Vorodi was the Designer and Colin Post did a final polish pass.

Demon spikes



Demon Drill

This is a fairly generic prop, one exception being is that it need to be rigged and animated.


Gameplay Auger

This is a modular prop that changed depending on what the designers wanted in terms of the gameplay requirements.


Rail Car

I created the models that were used for the entire rail car system in scar. The railcar itself was a rigged prop that rotated its platform in certain areas to push the player off. The track had a chain on it which gave the illusion of what was pulling the carts. The modular track system was then built by designers.


Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt was one large prop that rotated the track as well as wheels inside driving the track. Most tracks also led to large steel grinders that I also made.

Steel Grinder


Pressure Plate

This is a simple prop that is basically a large button that requires pressure to activate a switch in the game.


Miscellaneous Props

This is a collection of various props I made that were used in multiple areas over many sections of the game.

Giant Monster Bones

Giant Monster Bones


Bug Nest

Train Signal Light

Demon metal scrap decorations

Force Power Switch