Personal Projects


Scale Model Dragon


This was a massive endeavor. My largest physical project yet which involved the most complex paint job I have ever performed as commission for a customer. The project spanned over several months, initially beginning in Zbrush and ending on the workbench after many, many hours of 3d printing, gluing, sanding and painting.

Rendered Image of Digital Model

Photographs of Final Product


DrAgon Trophy Mount


This was based on an idea I had to create a trophy style mount of a Dragon. I took this idea a step further and 3D printed it.

Rendered Version of Zbrush Sculpt

Render of Sculpt
Render of Sculpt

3D Printed Version

Photo of the Finished Print

Photo of the Finished Print






I'm currently working with a group of people to create a short film. These are some of the things I have created for this project. My role was contributing technical expertise to the team as well as some modeling. I had the honor of modeling and texturing the main character in addition to several props which will be used as well. 

Main Character







This is a character I made on my spare time, it was actually based on a doodle I made when I was in gradeschool so I thought it would be neat to reproduce it with the knowledge I have now.



Final Render



2012 Zbrush central Holloween Entry


This was my entry into the Zbrush Central Holloween Contest of 2012.